construction architecture Lightweight Iranian with indigenous materials

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Art and Architecture, Architecture , Iran University of Science and Technology(IUST) , Tehran, Iran



The research presented here may sound on the surface to have aimed towards aspects of the science of stability and the factors of stability which seemingly protect the buildings against earthquakes. But what is truly submitted here is but the reassertion and reaffirmation of the language of the Iranian architects of the past and the buildings they left behind where myriads of lessons are to be traced, fathomed into and learned by the generations to come. The multitudes of buildings that have lived to this day reveal the very heed paid by their architects and the knowledge they possessed. And we, as the recipients of centuries of experience and innovations are bequeathed with a body of wealth that should be fully examined, evaluated and fathomed in details in order to be used in the best and the most appropriate manner.
The Iranian architecture has always attracted most attentions onto its positive aspects such as logic, principles, stability, technical and scientific issues of the buildings, humanistic criterion, and the use of local materials, frugality and so forth.
Trial and error, frequent experiments, long-lasting experiences, proper use of the principles of geometry and proportions, paying heed with precision and care and intelligent approach towards issues were amongst the many platforms upon which the Iranian architects stood to view the broader scopes in solving the problems methodologically and perform mastery.