How Can I post or submit my article?

You have to submit the version of your article in Word processing format electronically through the CCD website online submission.



How can I submit an article?

You must definitely submit your manuscript through the online submission form at the CCD website. 



How can I acknowledge about the author instruction?

The note for authors is printed out at the end of journal. However, you can acknowledge through the note for authors link at the Journal website.



How can I order off prints of a journal article?

For off prints order, you can follow the instruction which is on the Journal subscription form. 


How long does it take to review articles after the opinion of the journal's editor-in-chief?

The initial review period of articles will be between one week and ten days.

How long does it take to judge articles?

The review period of each article is a maximum of one month,that a definite answer is prepared for 
accepting or rejecting the article.