Determination and Ranking of Cityscape Factors Effecting on Tourism Development (Emphasizing Urban Furniture)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Islamic Azad University Ramsar Brabch, Ramsar, Uran

2 Architecture, Art and Architecture Faculty, Islamic Azad University Mashhad Beranch,Mashhad,Iran

3 Kasra higher education institute, Ramsar, Iran


Nowadays tourists don’t choose destinations only because of their historical, cultural or natural attraction, but visual attractions of destination are too important. This study with emphasizing on importance of tourism in urban development focuses on the role of cityscape in tourist attraction and progressing urban tourism. In this context, effects of cityscape on tourism development by focusing on urban furniture as one of its important factors have been considered. City of Kelardasht which is one of the main tourist destinations was studied as case study. Theoretical findings showed that when tourists face to urban furniture (as one of cityscape factors), their objective dimensions become subjective matters and converted to tourists’ images of destination. This factor effects on attracting tourists in destinations. Also, relationship between objective and subjective aesthetic parameters of cityscape and urban tourism was studied and effectiveness rate of urban furniture elements on tourism development was evaluated. After collecting field data, relations between research variables were analyzed by descriptive statistics (tables, figures,) and inferential statistics (factor analyzes and Pearson correlation coefficient analyze). Analyzed data showed that there are significant relationship between cityscape and tourism development and also between urban furniture and tourism progressing. In this way aesthetic elements of environment and perceptual- identical factors of environment have the most effectiveness of tourist attraction and urban furniture elements are after them. Also, in between urban furniture elements, boards and signs, urban benches, trees and flower boxes, lighting, trash bins, W.C, telephone booth and kiosks are effective on tourist attraction respectively.