An Investigation of the Relationship between Images and the Impression Created by the Music: A Case Study of Traditional Music for the Elderly

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant Professor, department of architecture- Mashhad branch- islamic azad university- mashhad-iarn.

2 PhD Student of Architecture, Art and Architecture Faculty branch, Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran


Architecture and music share many similarities from conceptual and perceptual viewpoints. They are also
similar in the fundamental principles governing them, such as rhythm, proportionalities, harmony,
repetition, etc. Therefore, the strong link between music and architecture is manifested in the atmosphere
they create, a mental or visual atmosphere which is barely investigated in relevant studies. The goal of the
current study is to investigate and perceive the formal relationship between music and architecture, beyond
the fundamentals linking them. The main research questions are: How can we relate the image created by
a musical work and the impression created by that? Is there any relationship between the impression created
by the music and an appropriate architectural atmosphere favorable to individuals? The focus of the current
study is to consider the image created as a result of some complete piece of Iranian music, which is
evaluated by the elderly (sample). Employing logical reasoning research method and simulation model, the
study aims to find an answer for the first research question, and by seeking a yes/no answer to the second
research question, create an opportunity for the future research. Accordingly, first, the literature regarding
the relationship between music and architecture is reviewed. Next, the concept of atmosphere in architecture
and music is described. Then the relationship between the feeling of interest towards the music type and
the features of images created as the result of music is explained. The results indicated that pieces of music
in which the rhythm is happier and faster result in more complex geometric shapes and more extrovert
structure. Finally, the study suggests that there is a close relationship between the impression created by the
music and the perception gained as a result of simulated image, which can be used in producing architectural