A comprehensive review approach to renovation and improvement of the historical districts for tourism industry; case sample: Qebla, Lahij and Khinaligh cities

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Graduated from the Faculty of Civil and Architecture of Azerbaijan


The historical heritage of each country is a tangible capital that despite preserving the identity and culture
of that region, causes improvement in the tourism industry and consequently moves the economic cycle.
As tourism industry potentially affects the economy of each country, it is a concept that attracts attention.
The main goal of this article is benefiting the recreation strategies of historical districts as a valuable capital
for renovation and improvement of these historical districts in a way that the tourism industry improves. In
this regard, the historical cities of Qebla, Lahij and Khinaligh in Azerbaijan have valuable historical districts
with tourism potential that need repair, preservation and renovation for improvement of tourism industry
in these cities. Given these goals, these regions will be investigated in this research. Research mythology
in this research is descriptive-analytical. Likewise, using analytical methods of the hieratical model of AHP,
each criterion will be weighed. To know the value of each criterion “expert choice” software is used.
Finding shows that by creation of a desirable environment for welfare of the residents and tourists to keep
unity between tourism potential and historical identity, the life and development of historical cities will be