The Environmental and Social Manifestation of Islamic-Iranian Urban and Architectural Configuration

Document Type: Original Article


School of Architecture and Urban Development, University of Science and Technology


The recent increase in Islamic awakening in many Muslim societies have created a momentum to the rise of contextual necessity for Islamic culture. Islam framed in cities as a religion and lifestyle. City morphology based on Islamic ideology has brought interest to the discussion among the specialists and professionals in Muslim world for many decades particularly in Iran. This goal can be achieved by experts and intellectuals and its particularity should be defined and illustrated.
The present paper attempts to synopsize and express some visions of contemporary and future urban form and architecture for Muslim cultures and societies particularly Iran. This research attempts to pursue the main frameworks for the study of cultural fabrics reflecting on urban configuration, and also delineates the qualities of spatial aspects, and make some recommendations at the end.  This effort is a tentative rebirth which, it is hoped, will stimulate further discussion and research on the merits of the Islamicity.